Tristan Prettyman: Cedar+Gold Dec16

Tristan Prettyman: Cedar+Gold

Cedar+Gold, the new record from Tristan Prettyman

An Interview with Company of Thieves Feb25

An Interview with Company of Thieves

As someone who has spent 10 years in the Chicago music scene, I have found some success stories are accepted as inevitable and some come out of the left field. For Chicago’s own Company of Thieves, you could say that both were the case. Years of tough luck and disappointment were washed...

An Interview with Thriving Ivory Feb25

An Interview with Thriving Ivory

Thriving Ivory is a 5 piece rock band hailing from California. They are currently touring behind their self-titled debut album. While stopping through Chicago to play a show at Double Door, our own Shawn Kellner sat down with drummer Paul Niedermier to talk about the record, tour and how...

An Interview with Finding Fiction Feb17

An Interview with Finding Fiction

Finding Fiction is a band on the move from New York City. With a fresh indie rock sound and amazing work ethic, they are poised to make a run at success in 2009. In addition to recording a new full-length, the band is spending the winter on tour and hitting up South by Southwest, the...

The Lonely Island ‘Incredibad’ Feb16

The Lonely Island ‘Incredibad’

Usually, I stay away from novelty albums, but being an Andy Samberg fan I decided to give this one a try. The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. The latter two are writers on Saturday Night Life, and Samberg is a featured player on the program. The trio is...

An Interview with Hawthorne Heights Feb05

An Interview with Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights probably has nothing left to prove in the music industry. They already have a platinum record under their belt, and a rabid and loyal fan base. But legal problems with their record label, a changing economy, and the ‘what have you done for me lately’ mentality of...

Pineapple Express Jan11

Pineapple Express

I was really excited about seeing this one. Maybe even more so than The Dark Knight. Okay, that might be pushing it, but lets just say the buzz level was very high. I was there opening night. So, a little preparation and a bit of body spray to cover it up, and I was off to ride the...

An Interview with Janus Jan08

An Interview with Janus

This past Saturday while haunting Chicagoland, I attended a show at The Metro. I walked into the main room to find a sprinkling of people awaiting the opening band. I sat back, had a beer, and chatted to friends with a nice, easy view of the stage. An hour and a half later, I find myself...

An Interview With Mark Rose Jan06

An Interview With Mark Rose

Mark Rose is someone who you may not know by name, but if you spent any time around Chicago music the last 5 years, you surely have heard of his band Spitalfield. Spitalfield was one of the (for lack of a better description) pop punk bands that exploded out of Chicago, along with Fall Out Boy...