An Interview with The Color Fred

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Hello my name is Shawn Kellner and this is Mike Kellner. We are from here at warped tour 2008 in Chicago, Il with Fred Mascherino of The Color Fred.

RC: How are you Fred?

TCF: I’m good guys.

RC: How’s the warped tour treating you?

TCF: Its good…Its really long and the weather is mostly hot.

RC: Is it tiring?

TCF:  Sometimes it is however I go play for a ton of screaming fans and it all is worth it.

RC: What’s your favorite thing about being on the warped tour?

TCF: Meeting new up and coming bands, future tours, and hanging out on the tour with fellow tour bands.

RC: Does your relationship between your band and your fans differ between a regular tour where you have somewhat limited time and contact with the fans, to the warped tour where you are up close and personal with the fans from all over the country for 10-12 hours a day?

TCF: I think during a normal tour I have more time to be around fans of the color Fred.  With warped tour there are like 150 bands on the tour and the fans that come out are into more than 1 band.  When my band goes on our own tour, it is our fans that show up and we try to make it as personal of an experience as we can.  What warped tour does for us is draws the attention of fans that may never have heard of us before to our band, and that’s when they come out to our post warped tour tours.

RC: Do you have a favorite fellow warped tour band?

TCF: Four Years Strong….They rock!!!

RC: How long have you been playing music?

TCF: 19 years, I started out in college in a straight edge hardcore band and my career has evolved ever since.

RC:  It can honestly be noted that Fred Mascherino is a music man..(laughs)

RC: How has the response been to this new record you guys just put out?

TCF: This record is made up of songs that were written a long time ago and put aside. Some of them were even written for louder now.  Which is why at times you hear that taking back Sunday sound in the music.

RC: Being a Chicago based e-zine, I want to take the opportunity to ask you a few questions about your relationship with the great city of Chicago.

RC: What is your favorite Chicago food and where did you get it from?
TCF: My favorite Chicago food is the veggie hotdogs I bought from a little restaurant by Wrigley field.

RC: What is your favorite music memory in Chicago?

TCF: Played a show in Chicago on 9/11/2001 and because people wanted to be out so much instead of watching the news, it helped them deal with the situation and made the show great.

RC: Have you seen any really cool tattoos, body art while on this year’s warped tour?
TCF: I saw a girl with a piercing in her sternum

RC: How did writing this record differ from records you’ve written or helped write in the past?

TCF: Well writing is a lot different now than it was before. Now I am in a full time band writing our current album on the side. It’s the first time I have been able to spend the time needed writing the next album. It isn’t rushed.

RC: Well thanks Fred for taking time to talk to us at  Have a safe conclusion of warped tour and we can’t wait until you pass through Chicago again.

TCF: Thank you guys

RC SIDE NOTE: During this interview Fred told us one of his dreams was to sing on stage during warped tour with four year strong and that there was a chance it would happen that day. This is because the singer of four year strong lost his voice.  Mike and I(Shawn) had the pleasure of witnessing about 20 min after this interview frees dream come true.  I have never seen a person in my life as happy as Fred was when he received that opportunity. Congrats Fred YOU ROCK.