Artist of the Week: The Insecurities

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 ‘Just hold my hand and wipe my brow. Softly hum our favorite songs. Help me through my final nights. Blow out my candle when my eyes lose light.’ – Stubhy Pandav on ‘Circle Three Times

At first glance, it would be easy to dismiss the Insecurities as just another side project from Chicago stalwarts Lucky Boys Confusion. After all, LBC continues to sell out large venues and has spawned the successful bands American Taxi and Shock Stars. But unlike those bands, the Insecurities strive to take their music as far away from the pop tinged party music that LBC built its name on.

Formed within the past year by vocalist Stubhy Pandav,  the Insecurities have quickly crafted a very adult, very sincere EP entitled ‘Ban The Kiss Hello: A Social Commentary’. This six song EP is everything you would expect from a skilled and well-travelled songwriter, but its sense of urgency and sincerity about life as an adult belies the fact he spent most of the past decade singing in the soundtrack band for Chicago suburbia. Pandav has grown up and this CD proves there is more to his life than teenage rebellion. For the most part, the lyrics about drugs and parties are gone and in are lyrics about true love, questions about mortality, and past life choices. This is the soundtrack of his life.

The CD opens with the track ‘Circle Three Times‘, and immediately you can sense the tension building as Pandav sings about his past and his chosen future. ‘Waterfalls and Alcohol’ is the second track, and this song is available in demo form on the bands Myspace page. It remains realitively unchanged, although obviously the production is better on the final product. ‘Me and Mona Lisa’ is an upbeat love song and would be the closest thing to LBC that is on this EP. The chorus explodes in that shout style that is very much a staple of LBC songs. ‘Cavalier‘ has a tinge of americana and country rock. ‘Who knew life would turn out this way?’ is the repeating refrain, and you wonder if he is thinking negatively or positively about his current life placement. The fifth track was the first song released, ‘Bite My Tounge’, and it showcases the band at it’s best. Usually subdued while offering nice layers on the other songs, piano player Chris Orebaugh showcases his skill during a very well placed jazz-tinged piano solo.  By the time the EP is over, everything from country to jazz has been touched. And yes, a hint of the style that made LBC who they are.

There is a lot to love about this EP and I would be remissed if I didn’t mention the able work performed by the rest of the band. All members have paid dues in the Chicago music scene and are able to really lt loose on this EP. Orebaugh gets the chance to flex the most muscle, but the bass and drum combination of Ramzi Hassan and Dan Borgo set the tone for the entire record. Pandav handles the guitar duties, and does a pretty good job considering this is the first band he has taken the guitar helm.

The Insecurities will be releasing their CD at Elbo Room on Saturday, Oct 11th. Tickets are $10 and you can purchase them at the Elbo Rooms website.