An Interview with The Lifeline

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Review Chicago Dot Com/ Chicago Indie Insider Interview
Rebecca Faber of The Lifeline -12/09/2008

Hello Rebecca. How are you?

Im great Thank You
The last time I caught up with you two we were at the metro in Chicago. How have things been going for you since then?

Really Really Great. The video has won awards. We put out 5 songs one of which has been added to q101’s regular rotation even prior to it’s release.

I noticed your music video just won best cinematography at the Midwest independent film festival awards in Chicago. Do you feel like the videos have exposed you to a national audience outside of your hometown of Chicago?

Absolutely, since the videos have been screened at different film festivals around the country we are able to get exposed to people that have not yet experienced the live show.

You recently put up a 5 song sampler of your new material on your myspace. How did the songwriting for this new material differ from your songwriting for your past releases?
It didn’t really.  Ryan and I wrote the songs and brought them to the other members of the band. We then rehearse them and play them live until they were ready to be recorded.

Do you have plans to release this new material?

Yes, but it seems that more and more stuff has been offered to us lately.  As of now, we are planning on releasing the 5 songs as an ep. We will then be touring in support of this release which will feature Romeo and Juliet which as I mentioned earlier has been added to regular rotation on Chicago’s Q101.  This tour will also include radio promotion nationally.

How has the response been now that you have a Single in regular rotation on one of the biggest alternative rock stations in country?

Its been fantastic. We have gotten word from the station that there has been a lot of great feedback from listeners. We hope that this will help them decide to spin the single more frequently and bring us even more exposure.

Are you planning on touring to places you haven’t been to before any time soon? I noticed on your myspace comment board a TON of people that are highly anticipating the day you make it to their town.

Yes we are going to tour very soon. It looks like right now we will be touring around South By South West Festival in Austin, Texas.

What do you have planned for the remaining month of 2008?
For the remainder of 2008 we are going to continue writing, prepare for our EP to be released, prepare our tour, and continue spreading the word about The Lifeline.

What exciting plans do you have for the lifeline in 2009?

Were going to start off the new year with a big Chicago show January 3rd at metro, we will finish a full length record, record it, since it will be a concept record we will be creating many visual elements with it including very conceptual unique album artwork, and then we will tour and bring it to the people that have been waiting so patiently although it seems that we keep getting opportunities that we don’t expect so we are excited to see what surprises come our way in 2009.

Thank You for sitting down with me for a few minutes and answering some questions for both and our new online music publication

I look forward to catching up with you again very soon.

The Lifeline will be playing with former Artists of the Week Inept at the Metro on January 3rd, 2009! Go to [link] for ticket information! 

[link] The Lifeline Myspace Page