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An Interview With Mark Rose

Posted by on Jan 6, 2009 in Music | Comments Off on An Interview With Mark Rose

Mark Rose is someone who you may not know by name, but if you spent any time around Chicago music the last 5 years, you surely have heard of his band Spitalfield. Spitalfield was one of the (for lack of a better description) pop punk bands that exploded out of Chicago, along with Fall Out Boy and the Academy Is, in the early part of this decade. After several albums and countless high profile tours, Spitalfield decided to hang it up in 2008.

While the news came as a shock to those who supported the band, something good has come from it. Singer and songwriter Mark Rose has emerged from the ashes of his former band with a new sound, new music, and a new outlook.

I had a chance to speak with Mark about his music, and this is what he told me.

You spent most of the last decade in Spitalfield. What ultimately led to the demise of the group?

It was a business decision for the band to call it quits. We still loved writing, recording & touring together- but there were outside factors that led us to the choice we made. But looking back, we had a pretty darn good run. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. It’s a shame there is so much more the music than just the music itself- but I suppose that’s part of the deal when you make music your career in addition to your passion.

After the break up of the band, was it a natural progression to move towards a solo career?

I’d say so. I have always written music on the side while being full time with Spitalfield. There’s always been another side to me musically, but it was never a priority while the band was the main focus. When one door closed, another opened for me. It’s tough to “start over” from a mental standpoint, but I’m 25 years old and feel my best is still ahead of me. We’ll see what happens!

The music has a familiar feel but is different than your previous band, was this a concerted effort or did it just come naturally?

Everything I’m working on right now is coming naturally. It should have a familiar feel on some levels because it’s still my song writing and my voice– but it is certainly a step in a different direction. Spitalfield definitely progressed from album to album, but we still had a fairly similar goal as a group when putting our music together. The sound you’re hearing from me now is my next step from a personal standpoint- and I hope to develop and perfect that as I go.

How has the response been locally to your new music?

Overall, it’s been very encouraging! Like we just talked as little bit about- the music is different. Like with any change, some welcome it with open arms & some want more of what they already knew. I’m just excited to put myself out there and see what happens. I am very happy with the response thus far, and I am stoked to get in front of a bunch of new people and re-invent myself.

Any plans on taking it national soon?

You bet. I’ve already been able to put together a few tours and do some traveling- which has been a great chance for me to get a feel for for the new music on stage and for the guys I’ve been playing with. Once I get my plans in place regarding an official release, I plan to be back out there quite regulalry. I want to take all of the things learned with my many years with Spitalfield, and apply it towards my decisions on the future.

In Spitalfield you worked with some big name producers, any one in particular helped you grow the most as a musician?

Working with Sean O’Keefe on Spitalfield’s 2003 debut for Victory Records, “Remember Right Now”, was probably the experience that changed me the most. Mainly because I had never truly worked with a producer or recorded in a bigger studio before that. I think that era marked the biggest growth for me as a musician- even though I feel each record brought something new to the table and helped further me as a musician. Working with Ed Rose on “Stop Doing Bad Things” was probably the most influential for me- but it was that first record with Sean that really put the next step in motion for me.

What does the future look for Mark Rose?

Well, I recently beat The Lion King for Super Nintendo- so things are looking up! But seriously, I am probably the most excited I’ve been in a while with my new music, and I am looking forward to the challenge of taking the next step in my career.

Thanks again to Mark for stopping by to talk with Review Chicago!

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