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Just like gravity, what draws you to me
Someone I didn’t know I needed
It’s like gravity, and it’s stronger than me
I need you here
– Daniel Castady

One of the best parts of doing a website like this is occasionally you will get to speak with someone you truly admire. That was the case when I had a chance to sit with Daniel Castady from the Fold.

Daniel and his bands have been an important part of my life since I first heard Showoff in 1999. Their CD was the first local CD I ever bought, and was the soundtrack to my summer. It was part of the reason I started a band.

After Showoff broke up, he started the Fold and I was fortunate to be able to play shows with them before they were signed. When I set up a benefit show to support the American Cancer Society, Daniel was the first one to give a resounding yes. When my first ‘real’ band broke up, Daniel was quick to lend a hand and assisted me with my new bands first record.

Years have passed since we were young go-getters on the Chicago music scene, and the Fold have become a popular national act. I decided to ask Daniel for an interview, to assist my new project, Review Chicago, and he was happy to help.

I will be featuring more from the Fold when their new record is complete, but for now, lets catch up with Daniel and what has been happening:

You got your start really early drumming in the band Showoff. Do you feel your overall youth hindered the success of the band?
In a sense. The guys were my best friends, so when one left it really affected things, sometimes it worked out okay, but ultimately egos and general inexperience led to our demise.

How difficult was it on you being dropped from your label while in Showoff?
It was a strange feeling. At the time we were actually pretty optimistic, as we had just signed with new management and had firm interest from Drive Thru (so we thought). It wasn’t until shortly before the break up that the reality of not being re-signed set in.

After the break up of the band, was it a natural progression to move towards a new project with you as the front man?
Yes, absolutely. We had talked a little bit about keeping me on drums, and the dude from Chevelle actually was going to write some vocals with us to see where it went. We knew we wanted to jump into in 110% so we thought having a strong force where every member was equally dedicated was the best option – even though it was unchartered territory for me.

Do you still play drums?
A little bit. I’ve been fortunate to have drummers who respect my opinions in my bands since Showoff, which is kinda like the best of both worlds. Our new drummer actually used to front a band, so it’s kinda hilarious, like we swapped places.

The Fold has a familiar feel but is different than your previous band, was this a concerted effort or did it just come naturally?
Definitely natural. I lift a chord progression here or there from a song I loved in the Showoff days, but that’s about the extent of it. Music is so much a part of my soul, that I can almost listen to ANY song from my past and pick out some way I was influenced by it (or I just blatantly ripped it off!) Listening to that Q101 16 years in 16 days was actually kinda mindblowing for me, I would listen each day and go, “Oh, that’s where I got that bridge from!!??” hahaha. There is nothing new under the sun, but we can sure keep trying!

I am sure it has been asked before, but why The Fold? What about that name spoke to you?
Kyle from Showoff/Allister/The Get Go thought of it, we concured. It means ‘a group of people working together with one common goal’ in the Websters Dictionary. Sounds like what we do, right?

Were you hesitant to sign to a label after the experience you had with Showoff?
No, I was excited. We tried Tooth & Nail in an effort to not go down the same road we did in Showoff. I see pros and cons to both labels, but ultimately I’ve learned that the fate is in our own hands, not their’s.

For long time followers of the Fold, you music has taken quite a journey. Are you happy with where your music is now?
The music, yes. It’s always been my outlet, I will always write my music, and the newest song will always be my favorite. I don’t know what that is inside of me that thinks that, just hopeless optimism, I suppose.

You worked with some big name producers, any one in particular helped you grow the most as a musician?
John Feldmann, hands down. Such work ethic, such drive, such sensibility about the whole thing – and what needed to be done. Every producer I’ve worked with has taught me a lot, but John was my first experience and I’ve since looked for his qualities in the others, and it is truly rare.What is next for the Fold?
I can’t tell you everything at the moment, but we just finished our new record, and guess what? It’s THE BEST THING I’VE EVER BEEN A PART OF! Seriously! It’ll be out in the Spring.

Would you like to add anything else?
We just added a chat room on our myspace page. I am probably more obsessed with the people who like my band than they are with me, so I spend a lot of time in there. Come say hi!

Thanks to Daniel from the Fold for granting me this interview, it was a pleasure to speak to one of my favorite musicians.

The Fold can be found at:

They will be touring again later this spring, Check out their Myspace page for details!

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