Tristan Prettyman: Cedar+Gold Dec16


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Tristan Prettyman: Cedar+Gold

Posted by on Dec 16, 2012 in Album | Comments Off on Tristan Prettyman: Cedar+Gold

Our first review in nearly 3 (yes, THREE) years is the brand new CD released by RC favorite, Tristan Prettyman.

It has been a rough couple years for Ms. Prettyman. Going from being engaged, to dumped, in a mere year is hard for anyone. To do so publicly has to be even more difficult. Bad for life, Good for art. Songwriters tend to use those emotions and turn them into song. The former Mraz muse shows she can dish as well as take.

Cedar+Gold  is one of the most achingly beautiful albums I’ve heard in years. I rarely buy whole albums from any artist anymore, but this was an exception. The songs tell the story of a failed relationship, but Prettyman spins all that pain into some hauntingly beautiful songs. “Say Anything” and “I Was Gonna Marry You”  could bring tears to the eyes, but Prettyman doesn’t wallow. “My Oh My” and “Quit You” are upbeat, and “Never Say Never” reminds us “you can’t start a fire in the pouring rain.” Tristan is the real deal: a strong, honest, and an example of how to spin gold out of pain.

Recommended: “I Was Gonna Marry You”